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Private Istanbul Cruise

Private Istanbul Cruise is the owner of 14 Yachts and Boats in Istanbul. You can rent yachts and Boats for Bosphorus Cruise, Swimming Tour, Private Yacht tours for your event, Wedding Proposal, Bachelor Parties, and Corporate events that our yachts and Boats perfectly fit your desire.

There is no middleman, No extra charge, and guaranteed reservations under a Licensed, Registered, and Local Yacht provider in Istanbul since 2009…

Full Day Private Princes' Island Cruise

Full-Day Private Princes Island Cruise

Explore the most visited island of Istanbul, view people’s lifestyles, visit the island, and taste cultural food.


Bosphorus Cruise Event for Groups

You can get your meal, drink unlimited alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and enjoy the DJ’s performance as well as the view of the Bosphorus highlights such as Pavilions, Palaces, and private kiosks.


Bosphorus Cruise Tour with Lunch

Make your day memorable! Choose your menu, explore Istanbul city from Bosphorus, and take amazing pictures. All in one, This is the tour that you are looking for!

marriage proposal on bosphorus

Marriage Proposal on Bosphorus

An unforgettable marriage proposal on the Bosphorus by private yacht, Make your proposal unforgettable; all the journeys are remembered from the beginning.


Bosphorus Cruise Tour with Breakfast

Best Breakfast on Bosphorus, enjoy breakfast service while cruising on Bosphorus by private yacht, and take stunning Bosphorus pictures with amazing highlights.

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Bosphorus Cruise Corporate Events

Company Gala Dinner, Meeting, celebration, or alternate company event on Bosphorus at the private boat. Cover the boat with your company logo or board, all requirements for your company.

private istanbul swimming tour

Istanbul Swimming Tour

Best tour for swimming on Bosphorus, the Best place for swimming in Istanbul, no crowd, no traffic jam, it is totally private, feel the Bosphorus only yours!

Private Yacht Cruise

Private Bosphorus Cruise

BEST CHOICE! Enjoy the amazing view of highlights on Bosphorus, time to relax and take stunning pictures in the middle of Europe and Asia

Sunset Bosphorus Cruise by Private Yacht

Sunset Bosphorus Cruise by Private Yacht

View lingering sunset and lights of Istanbul city from Bosphorus by private yacht.

bachelor-party-istanbul-bosphorus cruise

Istanbul Bachelor Party

With Istanbul Bachelor Party, Be ready for an unforgettable bachelor party between Europe and Asia which is called Bosphorus, on a Private Yacht.


Bosphorus Cruise Tour with Dinner

Unforgettable dinner under the lingering sunset of an amazing view of Bosphorus with the calm breeze and desired music.

Full Day Private Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Full Day Private Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Explore Bosphorus and its highlights. Make your day memorable!

Private Istanbul Boat, Yacht, and Catamaran

Private Istanbul Cruise is renting Yachts, Boats, and Catamaran since 2009 for the 94 famous global sales channels however since 2017, The team is decided to provide service directly to its guests. You can easily book your desired Yacht, Boat, and Catamaran for a special Bosphorus Cruise, Princess Island Tour, Full Day Swimming on Bosphorus, Marriage Proposal by Yacht, Boat Rental for a Wedding, Special Celebrity on Boat, Special Wedding, Company Events or any event as you desire…


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Private Yacht Cruise Istanbul

You can book this private boat for 2 to 10 people and enjoy the Bosphorus tour for 2 to 8 hours, even with lunch or dinner.

Private Boat Tours Istanbul

Private Boat Tour Istanbul

Private Boat Tour Istanbul: Book your Bosphorus cruise tours for 2 to 8 hours for groups of 2 to 10 people and relax with your drinks. Visit the Princes’ Island

Istanbul Private Yacht Tour

Istanbul Private Yacht Tour

Istanbul Private Yacht Tour for Bosphorus cruise tour from 2 to 8 hours and 2 to 8 people complimentary drinks between the continents and to Princes’ ıslands

private istanbul yacht for 20 people

Private Istanbul Yacht for 20 People

Private Istanbul yacht for sailing is available for 20 people up to 40 with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour on the Bosphorus.

Luxury Boat in Istanbul

Luxury Boat in Istanbul

Luxury Boat in Istanbul: A private boat for a cruise on the Bosphorus is available for up to 60 people with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour.

Private Yacht Cruise

Private Yacht Bosphorus Cruise

Private yacht Bosphorus cruise tours will make your day between the continents of Europe and Asia with Istanbul boat rental from 2 to 8 hours for 2 to 10 people

Private Istanbul Yacht for 30 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for 30 People

A private yacht for a cruise on the Bosphorus is available for up to 30 people with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour.

Private Istanbul Yacht for 5 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for 5 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for up to 5 People. A private yacht for a cruise on Bosphorus is available for up to 5 people with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour.

private istanbul yacht for 10 people

Private Istanbul Yacht for 10 People

A private yacht for sailing on Bosphorus is available for up to 12 people with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour.

Private Istanbul Yacht for 15 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for 15 People

Private Bosphorus cruise yacht tour with an amazing view of Bosphorus, Special crew with top-chosen cruise yacht in Istanbul. Private Yacht for up to 15 people for Bosphorus Cruise.


Private Bosphorus Cruise Tours

Private Bosphorus Cruise Tours by Istanbul boat rental for 2 to 8 hours and 2 to 6 people with complimentary hot drinks during the trip between the continents

istanbul wedding boat

Wedding Boat in Istanbul

Private wedding boat tour with a spectacular view of the Bosphorus and special decorations as desired. private boat with a capacity of up to 400 people.

Private Istanbul Yacht up to 50 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for 50 People

Private Istanbul Yacht for up to 50 People. A private yacht for sailing on Bosphorus is available for up to 80 people with a relaxing and comfortable cruise tour.

Private Istanbul Yacht for 100 People

Private Istanbul Boat for 100 People

Private corporate event cruise boat tour with an amazing view of Bosphorus, the special crew on a top-chosen cruise boat in Istanbul. Private boat for up to 100 people for Special Events.

private cruise bosphorus

Private Cruise on Bosphorus

Private Cruise on Bosphorus for business meetings and dinners, weddings, engagements, and family reunions for up to 40 people organizations boat rental.

yacht rental in istanbul

Private Yacht Tour Istanbul

Private Yacht Tour Istanbul for larger groups of up to 40 people with dinner and business meetings, engagements, and family reunions boat rental on Bosphorus.

Private Bosphorus Boat Rental

A Fleet of 14 Yachts & Boats in Istanbul
The yacht you requested is available in our fleet; yachts and Boats have a capacity from 1 person to 400 people.

Organize Your Event in Istanbul
Make your event unforgettable by adding Fireworks, Drone Video, Belly Dancer Performance, Orchestra Performance, Laser show, and more…

Professional Crew
All certified and licensed, 10+ years experienced captains & professional cabin crew.

Customize Tour Duration
Totally Free to choose your tour timings. Events will be organized and managed as you desire.
Your time, Your Tour


Pictures from Bosphorus Cruise Tours
2150+ Couples, Families, and Groups trust us since 2009
We are pleased to share our tour pictures, Istanbul Yachts & Istanbul Boats, and more…

Private Bosphorus Cruise Tours

We have got smaller and bigger yachts for every size of the group and also Istanbul yacht rental. You can choose our Istanbul Cruise Tours for your desire on the website and start to memorable Bosphorus cruise. All our boats have captains and crew who are at your service. Our Bosphorus Cruises have different features: the shortest one’s duration is 2 hours, and the longest one is 8 hours. All our Istanbul Bosphorus Tours are customizable, and you do not have to follow the fixed Bosphorus Tours. We have designed the Istanbul Cruises depending on the desires of our guests who joined our Bosphorus Tours before. Maybe you are confused to do the Bosphorus cruise or Princes Island. The answer is when you book a private Bosphorus cruise, you can rent a small boat in Istanbul and then start a journey from Bosphorus to Princes Island during a private boat tour of Istanbul. The beaches near Istanbul and Princes Island beaches will be waiting for you. Please check our Private Bosphorus cruise price.

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Bosphorus Cruise with Dinner

Bosphorus Cruise with Dinner; For those who desire to spend an unforgettable night at the Bosphorus. If you need to stay away from the packed restaurants and crowded streets, you can enjoy the silence of the Bosphorus.

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Marriage Proposal on Bosphorus

Marriage Proposal on Bosphorus; We prepare the yacht for a romantic time and decorate it with flowers. Upon your package, we use laser light which writes your proposal under the Bosphorus Bridge, and the violinist accompanies you with romantic music.

Highlights on Bosphorus

The Galata Tower and Galata Bridge were constructed in the 15th century, and after a while, it was demolished. Sultan Bayezid asked for a Project from Leonardo da Vinci.
Prince’s Island is one of the four islands of Istanbul and the largest one. The history dates back to the Hellenistic period.


The Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz built the Beylerbeyi Palace in 1861-1865. The architects are Sarkis and Agop Balyan brothers. The Beylerbeyi Palace was designed as a summer palace.


Located in the Asian side of Istanbul and it is the highest place in the city. The hill has some restaurants and cafeterias.



Private Istanbul Cruise

2 Hours Private Bosphorus Cruise; You can spend your time between the continents for 2 hours with yourselves and see the Bosphorus highlights.

Full-Day Private Bosphorus Cruise Tour; 8 hours Bosphorus Cruise. When you embark on the yacht, you can visit the Bosphorus neighborhoods, such as; Sariyer, Kadikoy, Beylerbeyi, Ortakoy, etc. You can disembark at those neighborhoods and explore the local sights of Istanbul.

Istanbul Sunset Bosphorus Cruise; Imagine the whole historical peninsula is ahead of you with the Roman and Ottoman heritages; Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Market, the minarets, and the modern buildings.

Full-Day Private Princes’ Island Cruise; The Princes’ Island is where you could taste the most delicious seafood in Istanbul, and you should take lunch at one of these restaurants.

Bosphorus Cruise with Breakfast; While you are having breakfast, leave yourselves in the magical atmosphere of the Bosphorus when the highlights pass around you. Maybe the dolphins might accompany you.

Bosphorus Cruise Corporate Events; The events start with 3 hours up to your desire. Even during the cruise, you can extend the trip. During the Bosphorus Cruise, you will see the stunning architecture of the private houses and the highlights.

Bosphorus Cruise with Lunch; When you pass near the most beautiful buildings and palaces, you will be having the most delicious Turkish food between the continents; Europe and Asia.

Istanbul Bachelor Party with Bosphorus Cruise; With different sizes and types of our yachts, you will have an unforgettable bachelor party at the Bosphorus. We can pick you up from your hotel, or you can meet with us at the yacht location and then start a journey where the continents meet; Europe and Asia.

Bosphorus Cruise Event for Groups; With a variety of yachts & Boats and vehicles that depend on the number of groups. We organize day and night events for the groups even including Turkish Night Shows with meals and drinks.

 You can choose your favorite Bosphorus tours, then contact us to customize your Istanbul Cruise to make it the most memorable tour in your life.


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Private Bosphorus Yacht Rental, Corporate Events, and more…

Private Istanbul Cruise

Established in October 2009 in Istanbul, sub-brand of Romos Travel Agency in Turkey.


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