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Best Dining Restaurants Istanbul

Best Restaurants In Istanbul’s Charming Bosphorus View

Best Dining Restaurants in Istanbul; Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful cities globally and is colored and animated by millions of people every year.
Its attractive silhouette, which is integrated with its historical texture and geography, which adds beauty to the city’s beauty, is one of the points worth seeing. Especially if a good meal follows it, it remains in memory as a great memory. In this article, we have compiled places with fascinating views in Istanbul and prepared an exciting list.

360 Istanbul-Beyoğlu

360 Istanbul, one of the unique restaurants in Beyoğlu, offers peaceful views of Moda, Kadıköy, and the Golden Horn. Music and ambiance, combined with a view of the Hagia Sophia Mosque and Sultanahmet, 360 is waiting for you on a unique evening in Istanbul. In the restaurant, which foreign tourists often prefer, the main course options and desserts are impeccable.

Price Range: 130 – 400₺.
Cuisine: the Mediterranean, European and Turkish
Special nutrition: Vegan-friendly
Opening-Closing: 12: 00-02: 00

A’jia Restaurant-Kanlıca

A’jia Hotel’s award-winning restaurant, A’jia Restaurant, is where you can experience Mediterranean tastes with a flawless view. Restoring the historic Ahmet Pasha Mansion, the restaurant, which started serving, offers a combination of history and taste. Famous for both breakfast and dinner, the restaurant admires delicious food, as well as a magnificent view.

Price range: average 200₺ for two people, alcoholic 400₺.
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Special nutrition: Vegan-friendly
Opening-Closing: 07: 00-24: 00

Deniz Yildizi Restaurant-Çengelköy


One of the Anatolian side’s favorite restaurants, the starfish, has a bright view that will open you up. Besides, the restaurant also organizes organizations such as birthdays and business meetings. The restaurant, which has one of the most beautiful views of the city, is ambitious for fresh fish and appetizers.

Price range: the average price for two people is 450₺.
Cuisine: seafood
Opening-Closing: 09: 00-01: 00

Vogue Restaurant-Besiktas

How about exploring the tastes of world cuisine with a panoramic Bosphorus view? Then don’t forget to add Besiktas ‘ famous place Vogue to your list. Vogue restaurant, which offers many tastes from world cuisine, especially Asian, is very popular with its scenery. One of Akaret’s popular food stops, the business is especially famous for its sushi options. Don’t forget to make a reservation for the terrace before going to the restaurant on the top floor of Besiktas Plaza!

Price range: the average price for two people is 600₺.
Cuisine: Asian
Opening-Closing: 12: 00-01: 00

Ali Ocakbaşı-Karaköy

Ali Ocakbaşı, where you can not take your eyes off its delicious menu with its historical peninsula view, is a place to spend an unforgettable evening. With its delicious kebabs and grills, you can have a delicious dinner accompanied by magnificent views in a warm atmosphere in the restaurant, where there are many regulars.

Price range: average alcohol for two people is 370₺.
Cuisine: Turkish Cuisine
Opening-Closing: 11: 30-23: 00

Anjelique-Ortakoy (Ruby)
Although Anjelique, one of the most famous clubs in the city, has recently been replaced by Ruby, its name is still known to many regulars as Anjelique. The place’s view, which welcomes its guests in a 3-story mansion in Ortaköy, will make your entertainment even more enjoyable. A business that serves as a restaurant as well as a nightclub

Asian cuisine is served on the restaurant’s first floor, while Mediterranean cuisine is served on the second and third floors. The restaurant’s most famous dishes are pumpkin soup with mint, baked mücver, risotto with porcini mushrooms, and grilled salmon.

Price range: ordinary alcoholic 280₺for two people.
Cuisine: Italian, European, Asian
Opening-Closing: 07: 30-05: 00

Armada Terrace Restaurant-Sultanahmet

Armada Teras Restaurant gives its guests an unforgettable experience with its remarkable location in Istanbul, experienced staff, hospitality, and delicious menu.

Armada, which is shown as one of the most beautiful terrace restaurants in Sultanahmet, has been indispensable for iftar dishes on the European side. One of the restaurant’s features, which has been serving for many years, is that the price /flavor performance has never changed.

Price range: average alcohol for two people 1350₺
Cuisine: Turkish
Opening-Closing: 07: 00-24: 00

Banyan Restaurant-Besiktas
Banyan Restaurant, where you will find original tastes of Asian cuisine, offers a magnificent view of the Bosphorus Bridge and Ortakoy mosque. Especially in the restaurant, where you will often see Asian tourists, a sophisticated dining experience and a wonderful view of the Bosphorus await you.

Price range: average price for two people alcohol 1450₺
Cuisine: Asian, Sushi
Opening-Closing: 12: 00-02: 00

Big Chefs-Tarabya

Big Chefs, an Ankara-based venue, is a peaceful restaurant that you must discover if you are on the Tarabya side. The Tarabya branch of the restaurant, which has many branches in Istanbul, offers delicious food and a magnificent view.

Price range: average price for two people is 1115₺
Cuisine: International Cuisine
Opening-Closing: 08: 30-01: 00

Sardinia is a unique place where you can both eat good food and try a variety of wines. Not to mention the magnificent view… the restaurant, one of the most decent places in Karaköy, promises its guests a peaceful evening with its extensive dining and bar menu. You can choose to get the Strait air and eat delicious food in a pleasant environment against the sunset.

Price range: the average price for two people is 1420₺.
Cuisine: international cuisine, seafood
scattering-closing: 12: 00-23: 00

Hamdi Restaurant-Eminönü

istanbul hamdi restaurant
At Hamdi restaurant, where you can eat a beautiful and friendly meal, you can immerse yourself in the magic of the historical peninsula and enjoy the view. Especially during Ramadan, we recommend that you make a reservation before going to the tourist restaurant, famous for its iftar tables.

Price range: the average price for two people is 1350₺.
Cuisine: Turkish, Anatolian
opening-closing: 12: 00-24: 00

Sortie Restaurant-Besiktas

Located in a great location in the Bosphorus, Sortie Restaurant is a place where you can both eat and organize your organizations. Announcing its name as one of Istanbul’s most famous nightclubs, Sortie also makes its guests happy with its restaurant section. Located in Kuruçeşme by the Bosphorus, the restaurant is appreciated by its employees, great food, and great urbanism.

Price range: the average price for two people is 1430₺.
Cuisine: international cuisine
opening-closing: 18: 00

Maiden Tower Restaurant-Salacak
Who wouldn’t like a romantic dinner at Istanbul’s iconic Maiden Tower? Maiden Tower Restaurant is waiting for you to realize this dream. You can’t have a private dinner inside the 2,500-year-old historic maiden’s Tower in Istanbul. In the restaurant, which starts serving food after 20:00, you can be sure to spend a pleasant evening with selected tastes from international cuisine.

Price range: the average price for two people is 1500₺.
Cuisine: International Cuisine
Opening-Closing: 20: 15-24: 00

Villa Bosphorus-Beylerbeyi

Located just below the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge on the Anatolian side, you can estimate the charm of Villa Bosphorus’s view from its location. The taste of their food is as Epic to the languages as it is to the scenery.

Villa Bosphorus, which we can describe as the Pearl of Beylerbeyi and the most decent place, is also one of the Anatolian side’s best restaurants. Watch Istanbul from this perspective in a beautiful place that will make you say seafood and appetizers are magnificent. With its quality unchanged for years, it also hosts special occasions such as marriage proposals and birthdays.

Price range: the average price for two people is 1300₺.
Cuisine: seafood
Opening-Closing: 10: 00-01: 00

Lacivert Restaurant-Anadoluhisar

Serving for 20 years, navy blue Restaurant is a place to visit in all seasons. Moreover, it is distinguished from the like by the beauty of the landscape and its menu. If you are making a reservation, we recommend that you make it from the glass-edge tables downstairs. By the way, don’t forget to taste stuffed zucchini flowers and Portuguese shrimp while you’re in Lacivert!

Price range: the average price for two people is 1430₺.
Cuisine: International Cuisine
Opening-Closing: 12: 00-24: 00

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