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Karl Heinz

I had a great time going up and down the Bosphorus to get to the third bridge.

Swimming was fantastic off the rear of the yacht, the restaurant that was recommended had some excellent seafood, and the time spent on board was really relaxing. Tea and fruit were provided without charge, which was a very nice touch. The steward in the cabin was attentive and offered directions to several points of interest. Excellent communication regarding reservations via email and WhatsApp I would strongly recommend A fantastic day trip!



Cathy E.

We had a wonderful time on their cruise on the Private Istanbul Cruise yacht, which included very good communication with the booking process, transportation to and from the boat, and transportation after the cruise as well.
Both the service and the meals on board were really good.
I had a two-hour cruise from six to eight in the evening.
The boat was immaculately clean, and it had a pleasant atmosphere that was both cozy and warm.
I would recommend the two-hour evening cruise with great regard.”



Sharon A.

“Picked up at the pier, lovely boat, friendly, knowledgeable guide. Perfect afternoon out on the water, seeing the sights, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lovely lunch stop for a fish meal.” 
Everyone in our family thought it was wonderful.



Mohammed S.

Every single one of them was on time for our sightseeing excursion. We were picked up from our hotel promptly, and we got to the dock in perfect time to embark on our cruise. Excellent condition, very clean, and more than enough space for our family of five; we could have easily and happily accommodated another five guests. We were free to roam between the upper and lower decks, and the children walked forward to sit at the front of the vessel for a bit. My daughters were more interested in taking selfies and photos than listening to the guide’s explanation of the sights as we cruised by them. They had cold beverages, while my wife and I had something toastier to drink. We noticed that there was a supply of soft drinks in case they were needed. The two-hour trip was about the right length to see everything without feeling rushed. If you need it, there is also a nice, clean toilet. When we got back to the shore, our ride back was already there, waiting for us. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.



Nikhila B.

Overall, a very positive experience, with friendly staff and a nice, clean, and compact yacht.”
The only drawback is that the meal is inedible; therefore, you shouldn’t order it.

Aside from that, I cannot recommend it enough.” Overall, it was a wonderful time.



Warren D.

Everyone on board the Bosphoros had a wonderful experience during the afternoon trip we had. The staff for the pre-cruise activities were friendly, helpful, and supportive. Even the restroom on the boat was spotless and very comfortable to use. The lunch that was given on board was not only delectable but also tastefully prepared. The team was helpful and attentive, and one of them was even fluent in English. Everything that was promised turned out to be true. It is very possible that we will hire Private Istanbul Cruise Yachts again. 



Mary J.

Sunset cruise We had an excellent time for two hours on Bosfor; we saw so many lovely things, and the guide was extremely helpful.



William O. N.

You can’t beat this experience for getting a nighttime view of Istanbul. We went on the dinner cruise that was included in the sunset cruise that we took. After being picked up from our hotel, we were transported to the yacht. Even though it was reserved alone for the two of us, it has the capacity to host a private event with up to a dozen guests. Canapés and wine were brought to us as we cast off our lines. As we made our way down one bank of the Bosphorus and back up the other, the crew pointed out all of the important landmarks and points of interest along the way. The majority of the old buildings are illuminated, which contributes to the enchanted atmosphere. When we had been traveling for an hour, we pulled up to the quay of a restaurant, and our main course meal was carried on board straight from the kitchen of the restaurant. The two hours were a fantastic introduction to this incredible city, and the food was delicious. The team was discrete but helpful when it was needed. Suggested! 


Ali K.

A beautiful and spotless private yacht is available for Bosphorus cruising, offered by Hakan. The three-person crew took excellent care of us, bringing us delicious Turkish tea along with freshly cut fruits. It comes highly recommended! It is well worth the cost. Magnificent In-Sea Private Cruise



Javier M.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: you and your group will have the entire yacht to yourselves all the way along the Bosphorus. It’s an absolutely stunning vessel. quite comfy, quite peaceful, with excellent restroom facilities and a very open floor plan. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful. All bookings are done online, and the administration responds practically immediately, so they are really prompt and well-organized. In addition, the journey itself is breathtaking. Amazing sights throughout the entirety of the journey, including ruins, castles, mosques, palaces, bridges, parks, and gardens, as well as elegant buildings along the seaside, An incredible opportunity to visit the Istanbul Riviera away from the madding hordes.



L.K. Jeremy

This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I can only recommend Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht Istanbul. Everything has been organized very professionally and with top quality, from the very beginning (pickup at our hotel) to the very end (transfer to the restaurant).”

Very gorgeous yacht, but what’s most essential is the “human” and welcoming crew.
This is an absolute must for anyone visiting Istanbul because, in just two hours, we were able to see so much more than we ever could have on our own.




This was undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts of our time spent in Istanbul. A lovely yacht picked us up right from the pier of our hotel and took us on an excursion during which we even saw some dolphins, taking us on a breathtaking tour of the Bosphorus. The crew was really conscientious and friendly. Overall, I would say that this was well worth the purchase price. Excellent opportunity




If you want to have an unforgettable time on the Bosphorus, I strongly suggest that you go on the cruise. It’s a wonderful experience to sail around Istanbul while passing all of the city’s iconic sights. This is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate the occasion of your special day with the people you care about the most! Fantastic adventure down the Bosphorus!



Jenny J.

During our time on the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht, my buddies and I had an incredible adventure. A boat took us around the Bosporus in the evening. Both the captain and the first mate did a wonderful job, and the first mate was extremely attentive to all of our requirements. The Private Istanbul Cruise yacht is an excellent example of a first-class vessel. It is such a luxurious experience to be on such a lovely boat while traveling one of the canals that is considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. They come with my highest possible recommendation. It was without a doubt the most memorable experience of our summer. A magnificent vessel, first-rate hospitality, and an unforgettable journey await you.



Mary. R.

The two-hour dinner cruise on the Bosphorus with the crew of the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht, which is known for their high level of professionalism and extraordinary kindness, was a highlight of our trip. Additionally, we were picked up and returned to the hotel, which was a huge convenience given that the day of our arrival was also the day we checked in. The assistant to the skipper served as our guide as well as our maitre d’, and he did an excellent job in both of those roles. The food was acquired in its freshest state during a visit to a restaurant, and it served as an excellent introduction to the cuisine of Turkey. I would definitely suggest the trip due to the fantastic experience of the Bosphorus night environment, the crew’s hospitality, and, last but not least, the COVID procedures that were carefully followed. I would highly recommend the trip due to the amazing experience of the Bosphorus night atmosphere.




If somebody were to ask me, I would enthusiastically recommend both this vessel and its crew. Everyone on board, from the captain down to the staff, exemplified the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. The best method to take in the amazing views, regardless of whether or not there are COVID conditions, is The most enjoyable way to take in the Bosphorus!



Evy N.

It was an absolutely incredible adventure. Everything, from the organization to the crew to the actual products and the yacht itself, is in excellent condition. We made our reservation at an exceedingly late hour, but the staff was able to meet all of our requirements. The shuttle had a lot of available space, the light supper and the cake were both delicious, and the staff members were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend it to any and all of my close companions! Incredible event with incredible people working it.



Peyruz G.

Reserved a spot on the sunset cruise. Because of the gridlock in the Old City, our driver was running behind schedule, and as a result, we arrived late for the cruise and missed the sunset. The crew was friendly and worked diligently. In order to make up for the delay, they provided us with free cocktails, and as a result, we were able to celebrate our anniversary in style. Sunset tour lasting two hours



Zinda B.

After a busy week of sightseeing together, it was wonderful to take a day off and unwind on an amazing yacht. Thank you for inviting me along. We took a six-hour island tour that included swimming, the first destination of which was Princess Island, where we enjoyed an incredible seafood meal. Even though the water was a little chilly but very refreshing, the personnel were extremely kind and helpful, and I had a lovely time swimming. The yacht featured a variety of cutting-edge amenities and was quite up-to-date. Strongly suggested, in particular for a day spent unwinding and relaxing. It’s absolutely something I’d do again in the future. I just wanted to let you know that my booking and communication with Private Istanbul Cruise were top-class, easy, and very professional. Do not pass up this chance to sail away to a day filled with happiness.



Ammar M.

“Simply AMAZING! Everything was perfect! My wife and I are on our honeymoon in Istanbul, and I decided to do a surprise for her by going on a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus. It was an incredible experience.”
The yacht is brand new, immaculately clean, and stunningly gorgeous. The crew is very kind and helpful, and they are quite knowledgeable about all of the landmarks. You may request anything, and the crew will try their absolute best to fulfill your request.
I cannot express how pleased I am. My wife was so startled, and it was so beautiful, that she couldn’t even realize what was happening. I definitely recommend this trip for any event. I cannot convey how happy I am; my wife was so surprised, and it was so beautiful, that she couldn’t even realize what was happening.
“The best and most exceptional cruise in Istanbul” “Thank you so much to the Private Istanbul Cruise yacht team; it was an amazing experience, and I will surely do it again as soon as we come back to this very beautiful city.”




My wife and I took a four-hour lunch cruise with three other couples in order to spend her birthday together. Everything was wonderful, from the way the boat was maintained to the caliber of the cuisine that was served. Even the restroom was completely clean. When it came to providing service, the crew went well beyond any and all expectations. 


Roger D.

He also suggested a stop in Kadikoy, and it was fun to walk around the market with him and ask questions. “My husband and I had a private boat tour of the Princes Island and Bosphorus with an English-speaking guide. (Mr.Ozgen) The guide was extremely knowledgeable. We asked a lot of questions about the area, history, and architecture; he was very informative.

We had a great bottle of wine that was provided with an outstanding fruit display. It was a touch chilly, so we moved from the upper deck to the lower deck multiple times. They aided each time. The service on the boat was fabulous. “Absolutely fabulous!”



Wasif K.

Taking into consideration the regular overcrowding on ferries as well as the COVID regulations, the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht private boat excursion lasting six hours from Karakoy Pier to the islands and back was an excellent way to observe the Bosphorus and the islands while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of being exposed to COVID during our trip. We were given the opportunity to decide where we would go and how long we would remain on the island before heading back to the mainland by the boat’s captain and his first mate, who were both very pleasant and quite prompt. Because it was likely the final really great day before the cooler weather set in, we were able to have a peaceful tour and wonderful weather for the day. In addition, we were able to take advantage of the wonderful weather. It is a worthwhile investment in terms of both one’s time and experience. It is very recommended. A Wonderful Opportunity to Tour the Princes Islands and Admire the Bosphorus



Stefano L.

Enjoyed a personal three-hour tour. The boat was incredibly cool, the staff was extremely kind, and the food and drink were just right. CD from NBC is highly recommended! The men are quite adaptable, which came in handy when we had to move the start of the game twice owing to our schedule. Everything worked out fantastically! Excellent opportunity



Luis T.

“I “had the most incredible experience of my life while on a lunch sail on the boat Private Istanbul Cruise.

The most enjoyable way to see Istanbul is from the water, with a laid-back environment on board and just the appropriate amount of attention from the crew (not too intrusive, but ready to help anytime it’s needed).” Wonderful Bosphorus cruise.



Gabriele Guidoni

Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht offers the most renowned, exclusive, and impeccable private yacht cruise services in the 31-kilometer Bosphorus Strait.

Allowing you to enjoy a luxurious and romantic experience admiring the architectural and natural wonders of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea while sipping a glass of Moet.

I chose to experience with my girlfriend the romantic. Evening Cruise on the Bosphorus: 2 Hours on a warm October night (20:30–22:30) + a Mediterranean Dinner Mezze Platter: warm pita, feta, marinated artichokes, asparagus, olives, tomatoes, hummus, and a plate of fruits: pears, oranges, grapes, and figs. The pick-up place I chose was the “Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Pier” right in front of the Shangri-La Hotel. The Pier area is very crowded with locals onboarding ferries every 15 minutes; therefore, I would suggest you pick a different spot unless you stay closer. The yacht approached the pier, and the deckhand came outside the ferry station with a Private Istanbul Cruise sign to let us bypass the ferry station and head directly to the yacht. The service was very good, with the deckhand providing us with a map showing the cruise route and describing history and figures on the landmarks as soon as we were approaching them: Dolmabahce Palace, Çırağan Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Küçüksu Pavilion, and the three Bosphorus suspension bridges (the 15 July Martyrs Bridge alongside Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge). Free coffee and juice are served. Private Istanbul Cruise can accommodate 12 guests in their yacht and can offer larger yachts for larger groups. Absolutely worth it! A luxurious romantic experience admiring the architectural and natural wonders of Istanbul.



Yuri D.

It was a vacation that would not soon be forgotten, and the meal that was served on board was delicious. Thank you very much for the excellent staff, the gorgeous boat, and the excellent service! Because of the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht



Julianne T.

The decks are teak, the seating is cream leather, and she is impeccably clean. The spacious cockpit area has a large teak table for dining, and the upper deck has very comfortable seating with ample shade for watching the sights glide by. The skipper was very professional, and the crew explained about the buildings we passed by.



Anne L.

We enjoyed a superb 4-hour cruise on the Bosphorus on board Private Istanbul Cruise. It is a beautiful boat—much bigger than we imagined.
We organized the trip from the United Kingdom and found booking to be easy. The firm addressed all of our inquiries via email. Private Istanbul Cruise really is a beautiful vessel, and we would strongly recommend.



Jose G.

Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht conducted themselves in a very professional manner. They arrived promptly to meet us up at the airport; the yacht was amazing; and the service that we received was outstanding. I will unquestionably recommend, as well as make use of, Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht once more. Fantastic voyage on the yacht.



Hussain B.

Although they cannot communicate in English, the crew members have a lot of expertise and are quite capable. Throughout the duration of the cruise, the First Officer, who went by the name Ender, together with the sole other member of the crew, provided excellent service. It is also quite affordable to hire for the day. Chartering a private yacht for a sightseeing trip to the Princess Islands to the southeast of Istanbul.



Antony Adel

The level of care and attention to detail is extraordinary, and as a direct result, I will be returning. The very finest there is in its field.




I had a lovely time, and if you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend going on the trip. The tour guide had a wealth of information at their disposal and went above and beyond to ensure that we had a good day. Wonderful Cruise!



Mila P.

I was tasked with organizing an intriguing and impressive program for a business-related audience. I made the right decision by going with the Private Istanbul Cruise yacht as a component of it. The yacht itself is really lovely, spotless, and appealing, and it has a covered cockpit, which means that you will be able to take pleasure in your cruise even if the weather is poor. There should be no more than 12 people using it at one time. My customers thought highly of this experience and the quality of the service, which was excellent. I am confident in recommending it to anyone, regardless of whether they are traveling for work or pleasure. 




The cruise is a wonderful adventure to go on! Excellent vistas and every member of the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht crew provided excellent service. The cruise lasted approximately three hours, and the shuttle picked us up on time. The sailboat is spotless and as new as You can order some meals as well as coffee and tea to drink. A Wonderful Adventure




We made reservations for a private roundtrip.
Fantastic from the moment we were picked up till the very end, with a kind and helpful chauffeur and a warm welcome on board.
Beautiful boot, and the birthday cake I ordered was really delicious.
It looks like a fun ride; you go right down the coast.
On a winter day, you have the option of sitting outside or enjoying the delightful warmth of the deck.
“Another winner!” Amazing experience—beautiful ship



Terry B.

They communicated with us a couple of days prior to the cruise to convey the expected weather forecast, which was not recommended for the best cruise, and to suggest the following day, which we gladly took. Hamor: “We booked the Private Istanbul Cruise yacht for a half-day Bosphorus cruise with friends. Booking online was smooth and precise.
The cruise was carried out to a very high standard, and the crew was both competent and courteous. The Private Istanbul Cruise yacht is a modern vessel with optimal facilities for the tour. We were successful in achieving our goal of observing Istanbul’s buildings and mansions from the water.
Our trip was much better than we had hoped for; we are grateful to Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht Istanbul for the services they provided. “Excellent private Bosphorus cruise”



C. S. Coker

On the final evening of our trip to Istanbul, we went on a dinner cruise that we had reserved in advance. I cannot think of a more fitting way to say goodbye to such a stunning city. The entire experience was luxurious and intimate and provided a wonderful way to experience this remarkable event. The boat was stunning, the crew was incredible, the food was delectable, and the sites will be etched in our memories forever (including the family of dolphins that joined us near the boat for part of our journey!). The entire experience was such a wonderful way to enjoy this remarkable event. Definitely worth each and every penny, and definitely something I would not hesitate to recommend to others! What a fantastic way to wrap up our trip!



Riana W.

Holy cow!  On Friday evening, we embarked on a private cruise along the Bosphorus, and it was without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. Due to the fact that there were only two of us, we chose the sundowner option. Every penny was well spent, and we are especially appreciative that we did not have to worry about transportation to and from the yacht itself. Even though we were not picked up and dropped off at the same place where we are staying, the meeting point for the hotel was only a short walk away. From the beginning to the end, everything lived up to expectations. An effortless and expertly carried out procedure, as well as an unforgettable learning experience. I am grateful to Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht. The high point of our time spent in Istanbul




My family and I spent Christmas in Istanbul, and it was an amazing trip that made us feel right at home. Both the service and the food were top-notch, the boat was stunning, and the cruise offered a variety of breathtaking sights.


Alfonso L.

You made an excellent selection. I was able to celebrate Christmas with my family while we were at sea, and we do not regret our decision. The vessel is in good condition, and the crew celebrated Christmas in a conscientious manner with Private Istanbul Cruise.



Jenny M.

Each and every member of our family had a fantastic time on the private cruise. The lunch was extremely tastefully presented, the yacht was spotless, and the departure was on time. Both the wait staff and the kitchen staff were really friendly and properly trained. In the end, we decided to hire a private guide who had a lot of relevant experience. As there are other cruises that leave at the same time, it is highly recommended that you provide them with a local phone number that they may use to get in touch with you at the time of departure. Absolutely fantastic yacht, crew, and guide!



M. Watt

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the enjoyable dinner cruise you provided. It was completely beyond my expectations, and the members of the staff were outstanding. You guys were a huge help in making my father’s 60th birthday celebration extra special, as it was a surprise for him. The one and only way to take a tour of the Bosphorus



Tracey Sam

In order to commemorate both my birthday and our final night in this wonderful city, my family and I went on a private sunset cruise on Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht Istanbul for two hours. After beginning our vacation with two nights in Sultanahmet, we returned to Istanbul for an additional four days at the conclusion, during which time the private cruise was without a doubt the most memorable part of our trip. We were the only two people on the boat, but it was gorgeous, the personnel were very friendly and competent, and we would definitely recommend having a guide accompany you and explain to you all about the numerous structures and the history of the city. We had a wonderful time on the cruise from four in the afternoon until six in the evening, especially the breathtaking sunset, the champagne, and the birthday cake that the crew had prepared for us. Strongly recommended, and if we had the opportunity, we would go on another trip. I can’t thank you enough for making that night one that I’ll never forget. The height of luxury on the water! This is a wonderful opportunity to take in the sights of magnificent Istanbul.



Rantoine B.

Excellent service and a lovely yacht that is always spotlessly clean and well maintained! I just wish we could have remained for a little bit longer! Exclusive excursion!



Bob L.

 Our family of four was given a wonderful experience by Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht Istanbul. We were given a magnificent trip and dinner on the private yacht. Along with being able to see wonderful sights of Istanbul by night from the river, our tour guide was able to provide us with great information. 



Nadeem M.

If you want to experience the Bosphorus, you might take one of the many mainstream boats that are spread out around Istanbul. However, in order to do so, you would need to make your own way to the port, and the ferry would likely be crowded with a lot of people. However, Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht provides an alternative—one that is completely different! They will drive you to and from your accommodations at no additional cost. Depending on the package you choose, you will have the entire yacht to yourself. I went on one of these excursions with my wife to celebrate our anniversary, and it was a wonderful opportunity to see the river and Istanbul at sunset. Their service was excellent, and I also made arrangements for an English-speaking guide along the journey. This proved to be an extremely helpful addition because, without one, all you can do is gaze at buildings, bridges, and water. The English guide translator did an excellent job; there were no issues with it. The crew had conversations with the guide, who then had conversations with us. The crew always maintained a respectful demeanor. Both the trip’s path and its length, which may be altered according to your preferences, were excellent choices. Food can be served, and the many selections do each come with a cost, but you should not be terrified of this aspect of the situation. Imagine this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend quality time with your wife, partner, or other significant other while watching the sun set over the Bosphorus River. A truly expressive way of seeing Istanbul from a unique perspective that cannot be found anywhere else. I am happy with the service I had in its entirety, from the beginning to the end, and even the email communication was excellent. If you are thinking about going on a trip of this kind but are on the fence about it, take my advice and just do it; you won’t be sorry! I would like to express my gratitude to Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht for the wonderful experience. Oh, and it is a good idea to smile and wave to other people who are on the river at all times. A one-of-a-kind adventure that everyone ought to try!



Shona Margaret

We did the 2-hour cruise on the Bosphorus, and with an added guide and superb weather, we had an excellent relaxing cruise alongside spectacular Istanbul with its magnificent scenery, buildings, and architecture (all those mosques), and we learned a lot.”


Faraz K.

Both the crew and the yacht itself were of very high quality, said 
The tour guide, Mr. Hakan, was a really informed individual and a wonderful host. The hospitality that was provided was superb, and the arrangements that were made were handled in a professional manner.
We were traveling as a family, and the staff was kind enough to look after one of our children while we were gone.
The experience was incredible, and the fees were really reasonable, taking into consideration the opulent care that was offered by the agency.



Laura M.

They always arrive on time and provide excellent service. The boat’s toilet is spotless, and the guide is very attentive to passengers’ needs. The quality of the service is quite high.



Tuo Travel

We used Private Istanbul Cruise Yachts for the first time once, and it was such a wonderful experience that we chose to use them again. This time around, things seemed to go much more smoothly. This time, however, we were picked up at the hotel’s dock, unlike the last time we were not staying at a hotel on the Bosphorus. This is the most significant difference between the two encounters. It was a great addition to the romance, despite that. Both times, we decided to go on a dinner cruise, and for anyone who is interested in having an unforgettable experience in Istanbul, we would definitely recommend including this activity in your itinerary.



Teo G.

My friends and I had a wonderful time during our six hours aboard the Private Istanbul Cruise Yacht. The service was outstanding, and the included hotel shuttle made everything very convenient. They provided commentary on a number of the points of interest along the journey and even made a reservation for our lunch on land. It comes with our highest recommendation. Wonderfully Fun and Relaxing Day



Ferdi Ö.

Excellent service leading up to the day, as well as a wonderful journey overall. We are grateful to Private Istanbul Cruise Cruises, you, and the crew for taking such good care of us. To sail




The second time around, I still had a great time! If given the chance, I most certainly would! The staff was extremely friendly, helpful, and courteous! EVERY SINGLE THING WORKED OUT JUST FINE!

We opted to include a guide, and it was well worth the additional cost. Our guide “Gürhan” was very engaging and had a remarkable depth of knowledge.

We had nine people in our party, ranging in age from nine to eighty-two, and the helpful staff made sure everyone was taken care of and had a lovely time.

If I had it to do again, I’d probably add an extra hour to the tour so that you could see the city when it was dark out and all the lights were on.

Again, many thanks for the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. What a beautiful sunset cruise!


Alexander K.  

прекрасное завершение поездки, букировали с 6 до 9 вечера. Четкая организация, приятный сервис, забрали из отеля и вернули туда же. У нас трое детей – им очень понравилось, специально выбрали время, чтобы отплыть засветло и вернуться когда стемнеет. Вечером становиться прохладно на воде – дают пледы.



Emily B.

Both the boat and the cruise were excellent.
Pleasant places to swim, an adequate sound system for listening to music, and reliable WiFi.

It would be beneficial to have a crew that is more fluent in English.
Thank you very much! Have a good time!



Craig S.

Our family of six went on a private nighttime cruise for a total of two hours. It was a breathtaking experience to have a glimpse of the Bosphorus in this way. Enjoyable evening!

We had a private sunset boat on the Bosphorus that we had scheduled in advance. This excursion is superior to the others that take place on huge boats and comes highly recommended by me. We were provided with a private tour as well as a transfer from the hotel to and from the port. Baris, our tour guide, was highly educated and provided us with true insights into the city that we otherwise would not have obtained if we had not had him as our guide. This is a tour that you really must go on! A trip that was both entertaining and educational.



Hamza A.

It’s not cheap, but it’s a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. The personnel prolonged our trip without our asking or inquiring in order to accommodate the fact that we were picked up later than expected due to severe traffic. The cuisine was good, but what truly made the event memorable were the breathtaking vistas and the fact that we had the entire yacht to ourselves. Expensive yet offering a one-of-a-kind experience



Checole M.

The trip was incredible, and the staff was outstanding in both friendliness and competence. The two hours that we spent there were the ideal amount of time to spend there. The time slot at thirteen o’clock worked out perfectly, and Sanem, our English-speaking guide, was excellent as well. We are positive in our recommendation. 



David Holtz

One of the most memorable travel experiences of my life easily ranks in the top five. It was something that the whole family enjoyed, and all of us are going to remember it fondly for the rest of our lives. It was extremely expertly executed, and the experience overall was of the highest caliber. 



Nora C.

It was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. There was not a single problem to be found. Everyone on board was quite friendly, and their presence brought a smile to both of our faces. This is a company that comes highly recommended to me. 




We had a wonderful time on the trip. When you’re out on the sea, you can see things that are impossible to see from shore. The yacht is stunning, and it is very clean. Because the floor was in such good condition, you could even dine off of it. Our tour guide was an incredible historian who could speak English and knew everything there was to know about everything. The three-hour cruise on the Bosphorus was the highlight of our vacation to Istanbul, which lasted for a week.




I made my reservation online and paid in advance in euros (this was the only choice), and there were no issues. Just the two of us, but there was definitely enough room for five other couples to join us. They do not provide any kind of matching service with other groups at all. The cost is a set rate per boat, not per individual. staff that is warm and welcoming as well as educated about the ship’s skipper. We went to two different bathing locations. We were offered complimentary drinks and food. We were asked what we wanted to see as well as where we should go. Extremely soothing. Although I was able to get my questions answered and get items pointed out, this wasn’t truly a guided tour.




Everything was delivered in perfect accordance with the agreement! The people were amazing to work with! I can’t speak highly enough of it! We took advantage of the early bird deal, which included a prompt pick-up by the driver, delicious tea and pastries, and the opportunity to watch dolphins in the wild. 



Tarun D.

I took my family on a sunset cruise, and we all had a fantastic time together. The boat was fantastic, and the crew members were all really nice and helpful. It was absolutely worth the two hours that we spent walking along the river and learning about the many buildings that we passed while taking in the sights of the city. Wonderful job!




The tour guide that we had was very engaging and entertaining. He was knowledgeable about history and provided us with a lot of insight into the fascinating and varied culture of Istanbul. Fantastic tour! Very strongly suggested!



T. L. Tea

One of the most memorable parts of our journey It was a luxury, but it was also a relief to not have a large crowd onboard when we made our reservation for just a small group of friends. While enjoying a glass of wine and soaking in the breathtaking scenery of the Bosphorus, we sat at the front of the boat and listened to a sound track that we had previously produced. A sail under Istanbul’s bridges is the best way to experience the city’s nightlife.