What to Do in Princes Island


What to Do on Princes Island?

Excursions, Meals, Entertainment!

buyukadada yapilacak seyler
There are many places where you can escape from Istanbul at any time, spend a weekend or a day. But the best of them is an option, both near and far: the Big One.

Heybeliada, Kınalıada, Burgazada, that is, all the Prince islands are beautiful from each other, but Büyükada, the Pearl of the Prince Islands, is more beautiful than all of them. Buyukada, which can be easily reached from Istanbul by city lines, private engines, and sea taxis, is waiting for you with its magnificent nature and history. Buyukada’da things to do, places to visit, places to rest does not end… Buyukada hotels, we strongly recommend you visit Buyukada.

Make a list of what you need to do, see and eat to enjoy your trip if you fall on your way to Buyukada, where you come next with postcard-looking streets, mansions that have been exile houses, beach restaurants, people on bicycles, and seagulls. If you’re lazy to make a list, take advantage of our list. What to do in Büyükada:

First, have a nice island breakfast with fresh air.

The first thing to do in Büyükada is to have breakfast in the fresh air among the historic mansions accompanied by Turkish tea. In the Tea Gardens on the beach, you can drink your bagel and doughnut with warm tea and prepare yourself for a tour of Buyukada. If you want your breakfast, you can make it at the island breakfast or Buyukada Bakery, one of the most famous breakfasts on the island. Don’t forget to buy island delicacies that you’ll get from the bakery and haven’t tasted before. You won’t even have to think about what to do in Buyukada…

Rent a bike

What do you do in Buyukada? Of course, a bicycle tour! Rent a bicycle, as every guest who comes to Buyukada does. If you are going to ride a bike on the islands for the first time, don’t forget to wear a helmet because Büyükada has a hill structure, it may be inevitable that you will get injured on the roads. Bike rental prices range from 20 to 30 TL, and there is a cyclist on each corner. After getting a price from a few cyclists, you can choose the one that suits you. You won’t find the pleasure of riding a bike on the streets of the island anywhere else.

büyükada aya yorgi Church
Buyukada Greek orphanage
büyükada mansions

Definitely go to the Museum of the islands

If you’ve rented your bike, start making your way to the Museum of the islands. The island’s museum contains hundreds of objects, 20 thousand documents, 6 thousand photographs, films, and oral history records. The islands Museum, which opened on September 10, 2010, is one of the places that will be at the top of your to-do list in Büyükada.

A classic; climb Aya Yorgi Hill and see Aya Yorgi Church.

If you say you can’t travel that long by bike, you can go to Aya Yorgi by riding in the carriage. One of the characteristic structures and historical monuments of Büyükada, Aya Yorgi Church, you should definitely see. April 23 September – September 24 in Aya Yorgi is prayed. According to their beliefs, if your wish is accepted, you should buy olive oil and donate it to the church. If you are going to travel to Büyükada, you should know that walking to Aya Yorgi is a “half-pilgrimage.”

If you have time, go to Adakule.

A trip to Adakule, which rivals Aya Yorgi, is also on our to-do list in Büyükada. There are not many who go to see Adakule on Hızır Ilyas Hill, which has a height of 202 meters, but we should say that it is among the most important places to see in Büyükada. After leaving by carriage to the amusement park casino, you need to walk 700 meters to reach Adakule. At the end of this walk, an exquisite view awaits you. From the tower, you can see the entire island.

Let’s not forget the Greek orphanage.

Yes, the things to do in Buyukada will tire you a little, but you will find that it is worth getting tired because you will take part in magnificent historical and natural beauty. The Greek orphanage, which is one of the largest wooden structures globally, is also one of the places you should visit in Büyükada. The orphanage, which has not been used since 1964, will welcome you in all its glory.

Of course, visit the mansions.

No one knows that Büyükada is the place of exile of intellectuals and politicians and that these people have built magnificent mansions, right? Buyukada owes its beauty a little to these mansions. You can follow the chain of mansions from the Reşat Nuri mansions to the Izzet Pasha mansions without thinking about what is done in Buyukada. Along the way, you will also encounter historical mosques and cemeteries.

Either have a picnic or swim.

This is perhaps the most fun item on our list of what to do in Buyukada. Büyükada beaches and picnic areas allow its tired visitors to relax against the sea view. As one of the last stops of your trip to Buyukada, you can swim in the cleanest waters of Istanbul by choosing one of the beaches of Naki Bey, Aya Nikola, and Princess Bay. Dilburnu, a picnic area in Buyukada, is located far from the center, so we recommend that you come here on your next visit to Buyukada. You can have a pleasant time by bringing your barbecue and food with you.

Be sure to stop by Prinkipo Ice Cream Shop.

One of Büyükada’s most famous flavors is ice cream, of course. You can eat as much ice cream as you want in big cones. Even our suggestion is to take your ice cream and take a nostalgic walk to the streets of Buyukada. Besides the things to do in Büyükada, there are also tastes to taste…

Don’t come back to the island without eating fish.

Buyukada is also famous for its beach restaurants. Add fish to your to-do list at Buyukada. Here you can taste the most beautiful varieties of Fish and appetizers. Among Büyükada dishes, Lacerda, pumpkin roast, çiroz, fish soup, and vine leaf sardines are some of the delicacies you will encounter. If you plan to stay, you can add a raki to your enjoyment by adding fish and appetizers.

These are the 10 most important items on our to-do list in Büyükada. You can also create a special list for yourself while exploring Buyukada and share it with us. If you can’t finish your list of things to do in Buyukada in one day, take advantage of Buyukada hotel opportunities to stay on the island. Pleasant tours in advance…

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