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Istanbul Private Boat Rental for Companies

Istanbul Private Boat Rent for Companies

Private Istanbul Cruise is proud to offer a newly built yacht for special events with quality services.

Our New yacht has a capacity of 120 People / 80 People with Dinner

Bosphorus has many Yachts and Boats however the capacity of Yachts was a maximum of 50 people. We are serving our guests since 2009 and we did many organizations and events for companies when the number is over 50, we are supposed to use Yacht style boats but the quality is lower when compared with yachts. 

Private Istanbul Cruise is newly built a YACHT for company events, corporate meetings, or for your special event of up to 120 People.

Please feel free to contact us for booking process and further information

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    Istanbul Boat Rent for Companies

    Istanbul Private Boat Rent for Companies gives company events, team-building activities, and business trips in the beautiful city of Istanbul a unique and memorable experience. By renting a private boat, companies can give their events a unique and impressive setting while enjoying Istanbul’s beautiful water and famous sites.

    special yacht cruise on bosphorus istanbul by new yacht
    special yacht cruise on bosphorus istanbul by new yacht

    Companies in Istanbul can rent a variety of private boats that can fit groups of different sizes and meet the needs of different events. From expensive yachts and motorboats to roomy Turkish gulets, there are choices for different budgets and tastes. These boats have modern amenities and comfy rooms, making them a great place for business meetings and other business events.

    Hosting business meetings on a private boat has many benefits. Along the Bosphorus Strait, you can see amazing views of Istanbul’s skyline, bridges, and historical sites. This makes a beautiful background for any event. It produces a sophisticated and inspiring atmosphere that makes a lasting impression on customers, employees, and business partners.

    Companies can make their events fit in with their own goals and aims. Private boat rentals have flexible schedules, so companies can make a program that includes both business activities and leisurely cruising. Whether it’s a client appreciation event, a business meeting, a team-building workshop, or the launch of a new product, the peaceful and beautiful surroundings make the whole thing better.

    During the boat hire, companies have the option of adding different amenities and services to make their event unique. Professional catering services can give you a great dining experience by giving you a variety of menu choices that fit your needs. The boats can also have audiovisual systems for lectures, live music or entertainment, and even Wi-Fi on board so that people at business events can stay connected.

    Companies in Istanbul can rent private boats that are run by teams with a lot of experience and knowledge. This makes sure that the event goes smoothly. They can help you plan an event, find your way around, and tell you about Istanbul’s rich past and culture. The hardworking crew makes sure that guests are comfortable and happy, and that the event runs smoothly from beginning to end.

    istanbul new yacht cruise
    istanbul new yacht cruise

    When planning a private boat hire for a business event in Istanbul, it’s best to book early to make sure that the date and boat you want are available. Businesses can talk to the boat rental company about their unique needs, such as the number of guests, the length of the event, their catering preferences, and any other services they might need.

    2023 istanbul yacht
    2023 istanbul yacht

    When a company has an event in Istanbul, renting a private boat makes for a unique and interesting experience that stays with people. When you combine Istanbul’s beautiful scenery, the amenities on a luxury boat, and unique event planning, you have everything you need for a successful business meeting. Istanbul Private Boat Rent for Companies is a great place to hold a business event, whether it’s a formal meeting, a team-building activity, or a party for clients. It’s a site that combines business and fun in a truly unique way.

    new yacht for 2023 in Istanbul
    new yacht for 2023 in Istanbul

    What kinds of company parties can be held on a private boat in Istanbul?
    A: Private boat rentals in Istanbul for companies are suitable for a wide range of events, including corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, team-building activities, product launches, client entertainment, and employee appreciation events.

    How do I book a private boat in Istanbul for a business event?
    A: If you want to rent a private boat for a business event in Istanbul, you can start by looking into reputable boat rental companies that focus on business events. Contact the rental companies directly through their websites or contact forms to talk about your event’s particular needs, such as the date, the number of people attending, how long it will last, and any extra services you might need. The rental company will help you plan a great event and guide you through the booking process.

    How early should I book a private boat for a business event?
    A: If you want to rent a private boat for a company event, you should do so as early as possible, especially if you have specific times or preferences. Popular dates and boats can get booked up quickly, so making your reservation early will make sure you get what you want and give you enough time to plan and organize your event well. Contact the companies that rent boats at least a few weeks or months before your event, based on how big it is.

    Q: Can the boat rental company help plan and personalize an event?
    A: Yes, most of the boat rental companies in Istanbul that focus on business events offer planning and customization services. They have experienced teams that can help you make a custom schedule for your event, including food, audiovisual tools, entertainment, and anything else you might need. They can work closely with you to ensure that your event aligns with your vision and objectives.

    Q: Can food be set up on a private boat for a business event?
    A: Absolutely. Private boat rental companies often collaborate with professional catering services that can provide a variety of menu options for company events. You can discuss your catering preferences with the rental company, and they will arrange for delicious meals and refreshments to be served onboard during your event. It’s important to communicate any dietary restrictions or special requests to ensure a seamless dining experience.

    Q: Are there options for audiovisual equipment onboard the private boats?
    A: Yes, many private boats available for company events in Istanbul are equipped with audiovisual systems. These systems can include projectors, screens, sound systems, and microphones, allowing you to conduct presentations, speeches, or multimedia displays during your event. Discuss your audiovisual requirements with the rental company to ensure the availability of the necessary equipment.

    Q: Are there ways to get to and from the boat?
    A: Generally, transportation to and from the boat is not included in the private boat rental. However, the rental company can provide guidance and recommendations for transportation arrangements, such as car services or taxis, to ensure that your guests can reach the boat easily and conveniently. It’s advisable to plan transportation logistics in advance and communicate with the rental company for any assistance needed.

    Q: Can the private boat rental accommodate a large number of attendees?
    A: Private boat rentals in Istanbul offer a range of vessel sizes to accommodate different group sizes. Whether you have a small team or a large corporate gathering, there are options available to suit your needs. It’s important to discuss the number of attendees with the boat rental company during the booking process so that they can suggest the most suitable boat size for your event.

    Q: What happens in case of inclement weather on the event day?
    A: Private boat rental companies closely monitor weather conditions and prioritize the safety of their guests. In case of inclement weather or unfavorable conditions that may affect the event, the boat rental company will assess the situation and communicate with you promptly. They may provide alternative options such as rescheduling the event

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