Shores to Visit in Istanbul

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Shores in Istanbul

The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Istanbul

Shores to visit in Istanbul. Although Istanbul is a city that is often difficult to live in with its traffic in summer, and its tall buildings that make the heat even hotter, it also offers unique landscapes and beaches that blow puff to those who actually know how to enjoy and can see the beauty that the city has to offer. Come to the beautiful beaches of Istanbul to spend time together. Let’s list

Shores to Visit in Istanbul

Summer is a beautiful season. It covers the burden of winter, the uncertainty of spring with the sun, clothes begin to thin, days to lengthen, and the weather begins to dark late. But the pleasure of such kindness attracts those who can meet the sea–sand–sun trio and stay in Istanbul and struggle with the city heat…

If you have to spend the summer in Istanbul for various reasons, do not be pessimistic, Istanbul will run to your help with its beaches and the number of beaches that increase today. If you feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the summer, but you are not in a position to go on vacation, let Istanbul surprise you for just one weekend.

I have written for you beaches in Istanbul to feel like you have gone to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and beaches where you will be saturated with the wind.

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Burj Beach

You can spend a day with various activities at Boğaziçi University’s Burç Beach, a cafe, bar, and restaurant, where DJ performances are performed.

You can participate in any activity you want, from flying kites on the beach to windsurfing and beach volleyball. Fees for the beach are 60 TL on weekdays and 30 on weekends for guests who will come from outside except Bosphorus graduates and beach members.

Owl Beach Kilyos

It is located in the coastal part of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s research and application center in Kilyos Kir. Owl Beach is among the decent beaches of Istanbul, where you can go with your family and easily enter the sea.

Here, if you want to rent a sunbed, enter the sea, if you want to set up your tent and give yourself a small holiday and witness the sunset and Sunrise.

Prices at Baykush Beach range from 10-15 pounds for Mimar Sinan students, 10-20 for normal students, and 20-30 pounds for other visitors. The cost of staying at the beach with a tent is between $ 10 and $ 20.

Address: Kilyos Gümüşdere Road., Gümüşdere Village, Sariyer, Istanbul

Coasts on Asian Side

Istanbul Fashion Beach

Moda, which is one of the most popular districts of Kadıköy, is also one of the indispensable places of the Anatolian side in summer with its coast extending to Kalamış. If you want, you can also take a long walk on the beach, where you can sit in the afternoon on the cliffs, in the tea garden or the grass area and end the day by drinking something.

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Caddebostan Coast

It has the longest coastal trail in Istanbul, and on weekends it is full of people who take their seats and brew their tea, walk, and bike. By spending an evening on this Caddebostan beach, you can return peacefully to the chaos of the city.

Üsküdar Coast

On the coast of Üsküdar, which becomes even more enjoyable with the maiden’s Tower’s view, fishers can enjoy watching. You can drink tea against the sea or store peace and energy by taking a walk.

European Coast

Bebek Beach

Arnavutköy-Bebek Beach

Arnavutköy-Bebek Coastal Road, which has everything an Istanbulite wants with its walking paths in the middle of the Istanbul Strait, is one of the number one places for hiking next to the sea lovers. Here, whether you’re sipping coffee against the sea, taking a walk, or sitting in the baby park. The choice is yours:)


Yeşilköy and Bakırköy Coast

In the morning, you can take a walk on Yeşilköy Beach, and in the evening, you can stop by the park located in the coastal part and eat something and participate in activities and visit the park. Do not take a tour of Bakırköy beach and pass Ebuzziya street without eating ice cream.

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