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Istanbul Beaches for Swimming


Violet Beach

Beaches in Istanbul for Swimming. Menekse Beach, connected to Bakırköy, which is under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality management, is one of the beaches on the European side of Istanbul. Access to the beach is free, but services at a cost include using showers and dressing cabins.

Sun Beach

Güneş Beach in Florya, operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the beaches of the European side that is cleaned and open to the public. The beach entrance fee as well as the sunbeds and umbrellas rental fee is 19 TL per person student 9 TL

Caddebostan Beach Istanbul

Caddebostan beaches, Caddebostan beaches, which are a kind of drug substitute for those who live on the Anatolian side, with sun loungers and a buffet, are a beautiful day holiday option for you to enter the sea and sunbathe on a short way.

Caddebostan has 3 beaches. To enter the “Caddebostan 1 Beach“located behind the large club building, you must have an Istanbul card. Fees are full 17, students 7 TL … Caddebostan 2 and 3 beaches are free of charge.

Where Should We Go To Sea In The Islands?

Our islands Heybeli, Kınalı, Büyükada, and Burgas Island, which are a ferry trip away from Istanbul, are one of the most beautiful places to go to sea in Istanbul with their pristine natural areas and beaches that are renewed and diversified every year.

Büyükada Beaches

Just pay a small fee when entering the beaches to take advantage of the island’s beautiful and clear sea. The rest brings you together with a beautiful holiday that you will never feel like in Istanbul. Let’s start our list of Island beaches with the beaches of Buyukada, the largest and most spectacular of the islands…


Princess Bay Beach

Nakibey Beach, one of Büyükada’s newly opened beaches, can be included in your list as a good option for both entering the sea and staying in Büyükada.

The beach is especially noted for being a” family beach.” Entrance fees to the beach are 15 TL for 30 children.

Princess Beach is also one of the facilities that provide both beach and accommodation services to its guests, such as Nakibey. Among the services included in the entrance fee, 35 TL for 30 weekends on weekdays of the beach, shower, toilet, Safety Cabinet, umbrella, and chaise longue are also included.

Yoruk Ali Beach İstanbul

Yörük Ali Beach, where you can spend a nice holiday in both day and bungalow houses, also offers restaurant service with live music to its guests in the evenings.

Lifeguard and children’s pools are also available at the property, which can be reached free of charge by steamboats departing from Büyükada Pier. Saturday and Sunday fees: 30 TL per person on weekdays and Saturdays, 35 TL on Sundays and public holidays.

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Island Beach Club

Ada Beach, located in the Bay of pine Harbor, is one of the beaches that you should move to the top of your list, especially with its Clean Air. Besides offering you everything you can expect from a classic holiday on the beach, you can also participate in various activities such as a mini-golf tournament, beach volleyball, and boat tour. There are a cafe and a fish restaurant on the beach. Beach fees: 30 TL on weekdays and 40 TL on weekends.

Aqua Green Beach

At Aqua Green Beach, you only charge when you enter, and there is no extra charge for changing cabins, sunbeds, and umbrellas. Entrance fees to the beach range from £ 35-55.

Water Sports Club Beach

Members can only use the water sports Beach, and members ‘ guests, underwater sports, water polo, and water ballet courses are also offered as a club.

Kalpazankaya Beach İstanbul

Kalpazankaya Beach, one of the island’s non-business natural beaches, can be reached 30-35 minutes on foot from Burgazada Pier. Inside the beach, there is only a buffet.

Kınalıada Public Beaches

In kınalıada, there is no entrance fee from the beaches, and only 15-20 TL is paid for umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.

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