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Bridges on Bosphorus

The total number of bridges in the Istanbul

Bosphorus Bridges Strait has increased to 3 with the last alpine bridge. These bridges are as follows:

Bosphorus Bridges

July 15 Martyrs Bridge

After the coup attempt on July 15, the name of this bridge, known as the Bosphorus Bridge, was changed to the Martyrs Bridge of July 15. Because of the coup in question, the organized resistance of the people took place in this area. July 15 February, the Martyrs Bridge has been in operation since February 20, 1970. With the number of lanes in the form of 3+3, the bridge has a length of 1560 meters. It is also the first bridge built into the Strait.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, whose construction began in 1986, has been active since 1988. This suspension bridge, made of steel material, has a length of 1510 meters—14 among other steel suspension bridges in the world in terms of size. Steps are located.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

3 today. It is also referred to as the bridge. The bridge, whose construction began in 2012, has been inactive use since 2016. The length of the bridge, which has 4 separate lanes in each direction, is 1875 m.

View Of Istanbul Strait


bosphorus bridge

Many businesses, many hotels in Istanbul compete with each other to have views of the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia. Among the lucky places with this wonderful view are Galata Tower, Gülhane Park, Suleymaniye, Ortaköy Coast, Kuruçeşme, Valide Han Mansion, etc. Apart from these, you can go to Ulus park and watch the straight through the European side. Ulus Park is located quite close to Kuruçeşme. Following Orange Hill from Ortaköy will be enough to reach this wonderful view. On the other hand, it is possible to open a special bracket to Çengelköy Coast regarding the Bosphorus view. Starting from Kuleli and continuing to Beylerbeyi, this wonderful area offers a great opportunity to look at the Bosphorus from the Anatolian / Asian side. Those who wish can also go to Büyükada Aya Yorgi Hill to enjoy the Bosphorus view. Although it is a little tiring to climb this hill, make sure that the landscape that eventually embraces you will take all your fatigue.

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